File #: R-346-22    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Resolution Status: Approved
File created: 7/8/2022 In control: City Council
On agenda: 7/19/2022 Final action: 7/19/2022
Title: Supporting the Medicare for All Act.
Sponsors: Michele Grim, Theresa Gadus, Nick Komives, Sam Melden


Council Members Grim, Gadus, Komives and Melden



Supporting the Medicare for All Act.



WHEREAS, despite important gains made by the Affordable Care Act, the number of Americans without health insurance is nearly 30 million, while more than 40 million Americans remain underinsured and at risk of financial ruin due to medical bills; and


WHEREAS, bills have been proposed in the United States Congress, and in Ohio General Assembly which will provide quality, affordable and comprehensive care to everyone, including prescription drug coverage, dental, hearing and long-term care; and 


WHEREAS, patients will be guaranteed their choice of physicians, hospitals and clinics under this plan, with no co-pays and no deductibles, and more than 95% of working families would save money; and


WHEREAS, a recent analysis from the Congressional Budget Office states that by eliminating the wasteful bureaucracy driven by the financial complexity and profits of the private health insurance industry, our nation will save at least $400 billion annually in administrative waste; and 


WHEREAS, an improved expanded Medicare for All will cover the 30 million people who presently lack insurance and improve coverage for the tens of millions who are underinsured; and


WHEREAS, 68% of health professionals and hundreds of health economists from across the country support this approach to national health insurance; and


WHEREAS, other bills currently emerging in Congress will not provide universal, comprehensive care because they preserve a dominant role for the wasteful complexity of the private health insurance industry; and


WHEREAS, employers including public employers like the City of Toledo would save money and no longer have to cope with the hassles of negotiating for health insurance coverage; NOW, THEREFORE,


Be it resolved by the Council of the City of Toledo:


SECTION 1.  That Toledo City Council calls on the President and our members of Congress, and the Ohio Governor and General Assembly to pass the “Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act” to create a single-payer national health plan that will provide our people healthcare as a human right and the excellent health care system we deserve and can afford.


                     SECTION 2.  That this Resolution shall take effect and be in force from and after the earliest period allowed by law.



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