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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationMembersVacancies
Administrative Board of Zoning Appeals Board or CommissionCity Council Chambers5 
Architectural Review Committee AR CommitteePLAN COMMISSIONS LARGE CONFERENCE ROOM5 
Board of Revision of Assessments Board or CommissionCouncil Chambers  
Budget Oversight Committee Committee 5 
City Council Primary Legislative BodyCouncil Chambers11 
Committee of the Whole CommitteeCity Council Chambers8 
Education, Recreation & Employment Committee Committee 6 
Finance & Debt Oversight Committee Committee 6 
Lucas County Plan Commission Board or Commission 4 
Neighborhoods Department Department   
Neighborhoods, Community Development & Health Committee CommitteeCity Council Chambers8 
Old West End Historic Commission Sub-Planning   
Public Safety & Criminal Justice Reform Committee Committee 7 
Regional Growth, Development, & Small Business Enterprise Committee CommitteeCity Council Chambers5 
Regional Water Commission Board or CommissionCity Council Chambers  
Salary Review Committee 2021 Board or Commission   
Streets, Public Services & Utilities Committee Committee 6 
Toledo City Historic Commission Sub-PlanningFellowship Hall2 
Toledo City Plan Commission Board or Commission 2 
Utility Appeals Board Board or CommissionCity Council Chambers  
Water Quality & Sustainability Committee Committee 6 
Zoning & Planning Committee CommitteeCity Council Chambers11