One Government Center  
Toledo, OH 43604  
City of Toledo  
Meeting Minutes  
Mobility, Sustainability & Beautification Committee  
Thursday, May 2, 2024  
4:00 PM  
City Council Chambers  
Present: 7 - Nick Komives, Carrie Hartman, Adam Martinez,  
Cerssandra McPherson, George Sarantou, MacGregor  
Driscoll and Theresa Morris  
Absent: 1 - Theresa Gadus  
The purpose of the meeting is to discuss:  
Proposed Ord. 172-24: Amending Ord. 391-23 to remove the  
requirement of sidewalks on cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets  
Any other matter that may properly come before the Committee  
The Clerk of Council’s Office supports the provisions of the Americans’ with  
Disabilities Act. If you need special accommodations, please call 48 hours prior to  
meeting time at 419-245-1060 for arrangements.